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Why choose GoTuraco Tours?

GoTuraco provides a tour experience like no other. An experience that appeals to the discerning traveller who yearns for something more personal and enriching, away from tourist buses, hectic itineraries, and tourist crowds.


Awaken your senses with the aromas, tastes, and textures of Africa. Meet some locals and try your linguistic skills with the clicks and sounds of one of the eleven official languages. Learn the steps of the famous Jerusalema dance. Relish new recipes from the many delectable South African dishes you taste. Enrich your soul with the song and dance of jovial school children. Discover the association of the plants and animals you encounter on a bush walk. Your journey to Southern Africa will be filled with fun, unforgettable memories and will be a life enriching experience. 

GoTuraco is a socially and environmentally conscious tour company. The cost of the various activities on my tour itineraries provide the needed funding for environmental projects and for the upliftment of disadvantaged communities. Travelling with a conscience is more than just a contribution to save endangered species and uplift communities. It is a responsibility that we all should endeavor to do when we travel. Ensuring that when we visit a country that the communities living there benefit from tourism rather than just being exploited from it. 


The tour itineraries are suitable for people of all age groups with a diversity of tastes and interests be it in wildlife, wine tasting, photography, family activities with kids and much more. I take up to a maximum of 6 persons per tour.


And for those who are not too sure of what to see and do, I also offer ready-made tour itineraries. All my tours can be offered escorted (with me as your guide) or as self-drive options. 

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