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Image by Fungai Tichawangana

The Day Tours:

Privately guided tours appeal to the discerning traveler who prefers a more personal and relaxing experience, away from tourist buses, hectic itineraries and crowds of people.

We specialize in small private tours from 1 - 3 persons but can also accommodate groups up to of up to 6 persons by special arrangement. 

The tours are suitable for people of all age groups with a diversity of tastes and interests whether it be wildlife, history, wine tasting, photography or families with kids.  We can show you the most popular attractions in the Garden Route but can also take you to your desired points of interest.

All our tours are conducted by an experienced licensed tour guide registered with CATHSSETA (Culture, Arts, Tourism, Hospitality, Sport Sector & Training Authority) department in the Republic of South Africa. Languages in English or German.

Why pay for a full-fledged tour that doesn't match your interest or age group? So we let you pick and choose your days itinerary. And we will provide you the guide and the vehicle to take you there. It's that easy! 


We have included some options we can recommend, or you can tell us if there is something specific you want to see or do. Brief descriptions are provided on each of the optional points of interest. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.